Thursday, August 30, 2007

Every Time I Die, "The Big Dirty" review

The Big Dirty
Every Time I Die
Ferret Music
Sept 4th

The lads of Every Time I Die have been spreading their Southern gothic grunge-core stylings all over the world like a pissed-off Johnny Appleseed since the band’s inception in winter of 1998. Having already released three deep-fried metal affairs with Last Night in Town, Hot Damn!, and Gutter Phenomenon, the Buffalo-bred quintet have gradually developed into household names, maintaining their underground roots and rep while successfully breaching the mainstream.

And it looks like the trend will continue with The Big Dirty, ETID’s fourth full-length studio effort. Look, the title sums it up…this thing is big and dirty—and I mean DIRTY. Dirty like Dustin Diamond’s pile of unwashed wife-beaters; dirty like Ru Paul’s seventh-grade sketchbook; dirty like that sea monster lovin’ in “Humanoids from the Deep.” Haven’t seen it? I think we can still agree that sea monster lovin’ is pretty damn disgusting.

Keith Buckley certainly hasn’t lost his sense of humor this time around. Granted, he’s about as subtle as a slathering horde of redneck Vikings, but with such sly witticisms as “You know I’m no good at court-ordered goodbyes!” (“Pigs is Pigs”), how can you not dig on this guy?

Oh, and Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams have got to be two of metal’s raunchiest-sounding guitarists. Whether they’re pounding out power chords or snaking in and out of each other’s licks, the two maintain a definite twang while still weighing down on you like a trash compactor.

Listen people, I’ll eat a bowl of my own hair if you can find a thrashier, heavier, more sardonic metalcore release this year than The Big Dirty. It’s a gigantic butcher knife that you think is swinging towards your face, but is really just about to carve into a turducken.

Then it slices your face off. Just ‘cuz.

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