Saturday, January 6, 2007

Standing 5'10", weighing in at 145 lbs...

After much careful consideration (a minute and six seconds), I've come to the conclusion that I will kick off my online blog by introducing myself, explaining my title and address, etc. Allow me, however, to preface the personal introduction by saying that this outlet, composed though it may be of pixels and html languages indecipherable to the ordinary man, will NOT be used to gossip about celebrities, whine about my personal life, or perform any other written task that renders the unknown purpose of human existence completely and utterly irrelevant. Then again...if the purpose of human existence is unknown, then who am I to sit in judgment of these things as trivial? My head hurts.

You will notice that my blog title and address are different; I couldn't decide between the two. The title, "Estimated Prophet," has several shades of meaning to it in this situation. One, it is a wry attempt at humor, considering the fact that I am the son of a preacher. Two, those are the two tasks which I hope to accomplish here: estimation and prophecy. I will, collect, assess, analyze, break down, and comment. I will prophesy. Keep in mind that I am only an Estimated Prophet, an Approximated Prophet. I do not guarantee results.

Third, it's my favorite Grateful Dead song.

I am a college graduate desperately trying to find a job in my field. I am nearly twenty-three, with too much time on my hands and too many thoughts in my head.

In short, I will do my best to make this a meaningful read to those of you who choose to grace these pages. I cannot promise an everyday update; some days, if I'm bored, I may write about a movie I just saw, or a song that spoke to me in a certain way. More often than not, however, this is about the world in which we live, and I will try like hell to do everyone in it justice with my words.

On a final note, check out my dad's blog at He's a Baptist minister, and has some interesting things to say on the subjects of our time.

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Mike Ruffin said...

Son, I'm glad to have you join me in the blogosphere. Thanks for plugging my blog. I will look forward to reading your posts and to having yet another avenue through which to communicate with you. As always, I wish that I could write as well as you! Blessings.